Kitchen Scribbles

How to Make Vegetable Pureé

Essentially a vegetable pureé is just a ratio of vegetable to liquid. At it's best-known, we're talking mashed potatoes.

Farmers Market - Autumn Tomatoes

One of the most wonderful things about Autumn is the harvest. The last really warm rays of sunshine, the apples and pears, the anticipation of brussels sprouts and snow -- and the tomatoes.

Dad's Garbage Soup

I love the following story because it shows that nothing is ever quite as easy as you think it ought to be and yet, it's not that hard either. It also shows that timing is everything. I smile every time I think of Garbage Soup.

Kitchen Glossary: A Work in Progress

What in the world is she talking about? Some definitions that may or may not be obvious.

An Ode to the Underground Vegetables

Recently, I made Creamy Curried Lentil Soup and another night, Beef Rouladen neither of which would have been any good at all without a colorful variety of underground vegetables. Lots of them.