Simply Mausisch, Schnookerpup

abstract hacker (noun)
A creative person who doesn’t hack code but does hack other stuff - politics, novels, social discourse, etc.
etherieral adjective
to be “in the ether”
Example: hanging out etherierally = surfing the internet
Realitätsbezogenetatsächlichekeitsplan (noun)
A grammatically legitimate word in German language and refers to your “Plan B”.
Schnookerpup (TOE)
Mostly refers to my sweet husband.
Inexpectation (noun)
The art of expecting the unexpected.
TOE (abbreviation)
Term of Endearment
Technosity First Use: 22 March, 2014
A combination of (Technical) Knowledge + Generosity.
Time On The Table – the massage table, of course.
verbretzeln (verb)
To turn something or someone into a pretzel. Mostly used to describe what my physical therapist does to me once a week.
vereinbarable (adjective)
To be able to combine in a nahtlos und lückenloses manner.  zu vereinen but in English. 
To bring together multiple parties/viewpoints in compromise thus creating an entirely new entity of the collective parts.  Vereinen is not a particular strength of American politicians.  I submit this in the hopes that if we have a word for it, they can figure out how to do it more often.