Octopress for Creatives

I use Octopress for blogging and because I’m an abstract hacker[1] and not a programming hacker I’m always on the lookout for reliable snippets, gists and plugins. Here is a list of third party plugins

And this is my curated list:


content_for:sidebar Use {% sidebar %} to add content to your sidebar directly from a specific post.

Embedded Code

liquid-eval - Use liquid to display code as code and the evaluation of that code as well


Add nice captions to your images using {{imgcap}} instead of {{img}} .


[1] Abstract Hacker is mausisch for a “Creative” who maybe reads code fairly well but can’t write it, preferring instead to create in his or her own metier. In other words, an abstract hacker hacks, but we don’t hack code, we hack other stuff - politics, novels, perspectives, social discourse, etc.