The Mauses Revenge

Category: Recipes

To heck with the Good Fairy, this story is about a vengeful field maus…

They say: Revenge is a dish best served cold. The mauses disagree.

Bunny Killer

Gather together…

  • A small pan
  • 2 perfectly regular dinnerware-sized mugs
  • Milk enough
  • 1 “Goldhase” (we preferred the tender 50 gram bunnies).

You don’t have to use Lindt although they are exceptionally yummy and are the variety that mulitply in our home. They line themselves up. They stare at me. It’s a challenge. (You can use any stray rabbit you like.)

Now: Put the milk in a pan on the stove and while it is heating, sing along with me…

Little Bunny FooFoo hoppin through the forr-rest
Scoopin up the field mice and boppin’em on the head.

Git outta here, Good Fairy! Are they dead?

This is the story of a vengeful field maus
Gettin pretty tired of Bunny FooFoo’s crap.

Next step: WOtB (Whale On the Bunny). Go ahead, crush’im to bits and smithereens, with your bare hands!

Little Bunny FooFoo swimmin in the hot milk
Ohhh! Poor Little Bunny FooFoo…

Finally: Share your Easter drink with a friend. Go ahead and add a shot brandy if you like, for celebratory purposes. After all, the good guys won.

But, the evil Easter Bunny FooFoo doesn’t give up easily…:

Little Bunny FooFoo I don’t want to see you
Drowning in the hot milk and hanging on my hips
That’s why we used twoooooo cups.

Hope ya’ll had even half as much fun as we did this Easter season.