Emerging From the Void: Hello Again

Category: Thoughts from the Void

[crackling static] Hello, gentle friends, it’s me.

That’s a creepy intro isn’t it? After nearly two years of radio silence…

Do you remember me? You do? You don’t?

To tell you the truth, I hardly remember myself. Looking back over those last posts - the ones you might have thought were my last posts, I notice mostly that I was pretty theme-less back then. I’m probably still without theme but I would like to get back in touch with ya’ll anyway because I’ve missed you. And I’ve missed blogging.

Whatever blogging means these days…

I’m inspired by my friend Pia Sylvia over at The Blusher’s Blog where she talks about her erythrophobia and strategies she used to overcome or neutralize her fear of blushing.

She’s got me thinking about secrets - those bits of information about ourselves which we keep to ourselves…

We all have things about ourselves that we don’t want to share with strangers that is, until we are ready to share them with strangers.

I think this is one of the misunderstandings in the privacy debate these days. It’s not that we, Joe and Jane Q. Public have anything which must forever remain hidden - or else. How silly.

If my “secrets” came to light I would not die, or go to prison, or even be laughed at by the neighbors. Your secrets are probably like that too.

Sometimes they are dreams that will never come true. This doesn’t keep me from having them and enjoying their company on rainy days. Other times my secrets are plans and schemes to surprise and give pleasure to my beloveds. And every now and then, I have a secret about myself that I am not simply ready to share with anyone.

Maybe, like Pia, my secret is a fear that I am struggling to conquer because I know that the conquest of fear is one way to independence.

Sometimes my secret is something I am struggling to accept about myself because for sure, acceptance of self is on the way to independence.

Other times it is something I am struggling to change about myself because, let’s be honest, I suspect that fortitude is also the way to independence.

My secrets fluid and ever-changing, I reveal one and keep another, they are equally silly and of vast importance - to me. And, I must keep them if I wish to be loyal to myself. And my friends, loyalty to self is the very first step on the way to independence.

P.S. Shhhh. Don’t tell my beloved writer’s group that you read this. They think I’m thoroughly blocked and on writing sabbatical…