A Little Link Love - KW29, 2013

Category: Love Them Links

Today I want to share some of the articles around the web that helped me to successfully procrastinate this week.

Kirsten Carlson Rocks Illustrator Saturday

Congratulations, Kirsten! Super informative and educational Illustrator Saturday! Way to go! And what a lot of great interview questions; Kirsten really shows her true colors - a dedicated artist and generous woman, Kirsten is open to trying new things - like writing and she is always chasing her goals. Best of luck in Hawaii! I’m looking forward to seeing what flows from your pen in that dreamy environment.

Disclaimer: Kirsten and I co-founded the Leonberg Writer’s Group, Birds of a Feather.

Jadi Campbell Gives Author Interview to Standoutbooks

And hooray for Jadi who gave a great author interview with UK publisher Standoutbooks.

One of the things I love most about Jadi’s writing is the way she crafts characters who are neither good or evil, likeable or hateable, they simply are who they are and sometimes you like them a lot and other times you don’t. Like a lot of real people you know. You know? One of the things that I love about Jadi as a writer is that she is always learning, always striving to improve her craft.

Here is a tidbit from Broken In the novel that Jadi is currently marketing.

Steve ran into the lake. He swam in the direction of the floating life ring, hoping the little girl had sunk somewhere in the general vicinity. When he reached what he thought was the point where she’d gone under, he began to dive.

Visibility was murky under the surface. He swam with outstretched hands and eyes searching desperately for signs of a body. Something kicked him hard in the cheek, and Steve resurfaced choking. The small child snug in his life vest simply paddled on past Steve in the water and flailed with skinny arms; he hadn’t even noticed the adult under the surface. Steve gasped in more air and dove again.

If you want to find out more about Jadi, you can read her blog or you can buy her book, Broken In, a novel in short stories.

Disclaimer: Jadi is a member of Birds of a Feather, although I believe she is talking about a more formalized group that meets in Stuttgart in her interview.

Carly’s Cafe

Carly Fleischmann lives with non-verbal autism and that doesn’t even slow the girl down. Great video, Carly. You’re opening doors…

Don’t Cage Me In

In July 1968, ethologist John B. Calhoun built a “mouse utopia,” a metal enclosure 9 feet square with unlimited food, water, and nesting material. He introduced four pairs of mice, and within a year they had multiplied to 620. But after that the society began to fall apart …

What happens next may have implications for us all…

J.K. Rowling and Literary Fame

Is JK Rowling by any other name a writer of genius? In this article is some good news for us all in the form of scientific research which suggests that cumulative advantage, that is popularity magnified through social feedback such as word-of-mouth is at play in situations where subjective experience awards the crown.

Just in case you are interested in how she was outed, its called forensic linguistics a field of scientific inquiry that works to identify an author’s linguistic “fingerprint”. An interesting article in National Geographic talks about how it was used specifically to out J.K. Rowling as John Gilbraith but also hints at other uses, among them how companies are using information gleaned from analyzing product review on the internet to adjust their advertising goals.

Save the Cat! What’s Wrong with Hollywood

This Slate article is about how a screenwriting book from the 70’s called Save the Cat!, in which the author, Blake Snyder did an exceptionally good job of analyzing story and creating a step-by-step guide to writing stories for film is affecting the quality of films we see today. It was never the author’s intent but instead a side-effect that his work has been increasingly misused by an overly cautious Hollywood to create a page-by-page minute-by-minute formula for movies that leave us film lovers wearied by the sameness and bored because in today’s film world yet another explosion is, after all, no longer a surprise.